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Giampiero Milozzi


My name is Giampiero Milozzi and i’m a 3d artist born and raised in Rome. In 2008, I graduated with a degree in Architecture from the La Sapienza University of Rome.
In the meanwhile, I started to learn and train with 3D Studio Max and Zbrush and i loved it so much I decide  to translate my passion for CG into a job. Seven years ago I sent my Cv to Glu Games and i was hiring there like an outsourcer,a few years later i sent my cv in Milestone Milano a leading Italian videogame firm and luckily they hired me where i worked as a 3d artist.

In the list below the triple A title that i’ve developed:



-SLR (Sebastian Loeb Rally)

-Mxgp 2


-Gun bros

-Deer hunter

Skills & Abilities

⦁    Highly skilled using 3D Studio Max, ZBrush,Ornatrix, Photoshop,Mudbox, Substance Painter, Vray, Marmoset, Marvelous Designer .
⦁    Spent the past 6 years creating video game assets for videogames company.
⦁    Modeling techniques, specialize in organic and hard surface sculpture with Zbrush



3d Studio Max- ZBrush
- Vray
- Mudbox – Knald- UV Layout -Ornatrix
– Photoshop- Substance Painter- Marvelous Designer – Marmoset – Keyshot